Brock SL 180 Self-collecting Sweeper

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The SL 180 compact self-collecting sweeper is used for cleaning road surfaces both within and outside city limits, in pedestrian zones, industrial areas etc. Thanks to its size, it is especially handy in narrow streets and town centres. The sweeper is designed for mounting on chassis with a total weight of 12 – 15 tonnes and 3,150 mm wheelbase.

The dirt and water container is made from stainless steel sheets with a fibreglass shell.

The sweeping device, mounted on the right-hand side, consists of a suction hose, plate and cylinder brushes (optionally, left-side or both-sides sweeping). Left-hand drive. Electric control panel located in the driver’s cab.

Optionally, the sweeper can be equipped with a  manual suction hose, additional front-mounted brush, aggressive brush, camera system, high-pressure washing device and other extras.

Waste container volume: 5 m³
Water tank volume: 1,000 litres
Sweeping width: 3,000mm
Sweeper drive: independent auxiliary engine


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